Cleaning & Sealing

Cleaning & Sealing Drives

We offer a comprehensive clean and seal service. We have special equipment to either seal a new drive, or clean and seal an existing one.
Sealed drives will require re-sealing every 3 – 5 years depending on the degree of use.

Why does my new drive need sealing?
If you are having a new drive installed, consider the benefits of sealing:

• stops moss forming in the joints or pattern features
• stops weeds seed taking hold in the joints
• provides a better run off of water
• resists staining from oil etc

Why does my existing drive need cleaning and sealing?
Your drive probably has moss, weeds and stains. We will:

• spray the area to eliminate weeds and kill moss.
• We then clean the area with our surface cleaning machine, this removes the joint sand from block drives, which we replace with Kiln Dried sand.
• seal the drive with special acrylic sealant, which penetrates the surface and provides a lasting protection.

Your drive will then look splendid! No moss, weeds or stains for years. Get your drive looking good and staying good with this service.

Ant Nests and Infestations
We are specialists in the treatment of Ant’s nests and infestations and the troubles that they can cause to block paved areas and car parks

The Process


Firstly the area is cleaned using a high tec system which delivers a very high pressure silicone action which rotates the application to the surface, because of its nature and rotation there is no movement of sand from the bed.

Only the weeds and sand between the joints are removed ( unlike a jetwash) which can cause more sand to be pushed out which can lead to block subsidising .


At this point any repair work should be carried out.

Weed Killer

Next a weed killer is applied; this is done with the greatest of care, ensuring no damage is caused to the surrounding garden. Once the area has been treated it is left to dry before the next stage.

Kiln Dried Sand

We then brush kiln dried sand into the jointed areas to replace what has been removed.


We then apply acrylic sealer which is absorbed into the sanded joints. Once dried it turns the sand hard, which in turn makes the joints hard creating a sealed barrier against weeds, moss and water which may last up to three years. The sealer will also enhance the colour giving your surface protection against the elements.

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